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Welcome to the former official website of Brooklyn Roofers. Although Brooklyn Roofers can still be found in a Google search, it seems the company let this site's domain lapse. I recently acquired this domain but decided not to repurpose it for e-commerce, as was my initial plan. I had originally intended to find a dropped domain suitable for an e-commerce platform but changed my mind. Instead, I bought this domain because my family had frequently used Brooklyn Roofers. My intention is to revive the content from the site's archived pages, letting people know that Brooklyn Roofers has likely ceased operations. The phone number listed here is no longer in service, and I know many in my parents' neighborhood will miss this company. If you're here seeking Brooklyn Roofers, consider this site a tribute to their legacy.

I also want to share an exciting update about Brooklyn Roofers. The team has transitioned to a new venture in the Hudson Valley, partnering with As experts in outdoor home improvements, they now specialize in installing above ground pools, bringing the same dedication and quality to pool installation that they brought to roofing. If you're in the Hudson Valley area and looking into above ground pools, do check out for top-notch service.

It's unfortunate about Brooklyn Roofers' closure, but their spirit and expertise live on in their new venture, offering excellent pool installation services.

Former contact info:

Brooklyn Roofers
1580 East 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230



Welcome to our Brooklyn Roofing!

We are one of leading roofing specialists in this area. We are a professional business and have a dedicated team of fully qualified and experienced contractors. We carry out all types of projects including residential/commercial roofing jobs.

You will find our workmanship Top-Notch with only quality materials and work that is carried out by professional tradesmen. This is backed with our insurance backed guarantee!

By using us, property owners will save not only time and money but will have the added reassurance that the work carried out meets the exacting standards of the all building regulations. We are 100% compliant and up to date with all we do. We are reliable, thoroughly audited and inspected and we undergo regular inspections thereafter.

We offer a ten year insurance-backed guarantee which is included with notification of roof refurbishment. This is available for commercial/industrial works as well as residential.

Brooklyn Roofing has a core purpose and that is to build trust in the roof refurbishment industry for all to know. We work with the roofing industry and we aim to support and encourage compliant roof refurbishment work for all residential and commercial buildings.

By working with such a wide variety of clients means that take on and accomplish many types of projects including but not limited to, any type of roof repairs and/or replacements, and flat roofing jobs for residential and commercial clients. With our own in-house general building division we have the expertise to carry out loft conversions, single story extensions, refurbishment projects and other building projects as well as roofing works.

By all means, no job is too large or too small for us! Every job is important to us from minor repairs through to major contracts where we act as Main Contractor. In 2015 we were one of just a few roofing contractors in the area successful in being one of the leading roofers! We pride ourselves on receiving lots of repeat business and referrals and our ability to adapt to any type of quote.

Head on over to our Services page to choose the one you are looking for! We will list them here too for your convenience.

  • Gutter Installations
  • Insulation
  • Leader Pipe Installations
  • New Roof Installations
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Repair
  • Termite Damage

We do understand that in newly constructed homes we will not be the only contractors there at the time. We coordinate with everyone and will accommodate them. We work well with other professionals and we will make your building in to a positive experience. In fact many general contractors refer us, because we truly understand that we have to get along with everyone working on the same premises.

A company with a positive lasting reputation for so many years now, is truly a mile stone. We pride our selves knowing that a large portion of our local's homes were finished by our spectacular team! Us being devoted to serving the Brooklyn community for all that long is what makes us special. Many of our new customers come from referrals of positive feedback. We really put our heart and soul in what we do, and hope to serve you next.

Call us now, you won't regret it! Don't try climbing up there yourself, It's dangerous and way more complicated than hanging up a picture frame. A roof is not a place for experiments. Leave it to the pros that have many years of experience under their belt, to handle this great feat.



Brooklyn Roofing offers a variety of rigid insulation types, which includes wood fiber, perlite, polyisocyanurate, expanded or extruded polystyrene, cellular glass, and gypsum board. We know what to use and how to apply it to your particular situation.

Let us explain that wood fiber is an organic insulation board composed of wood, cane, or vegetable fibers mixed with fillers and binders. This type of insulation can be asphalt impregnated or asphalt coated to enhance moisture resistance. We know that uncoated insulation in applications where the selected roof covering is incompatible with asphalt-based coatings.

Then there is the perlite insulation board which is composed of inorganic, expanded silicaceous volcanic glass, perlite, and combined with organic fibers and binders. The top surface of the insulation board features an asphalt coating or a proprietary coating formulated to limit adhesive — asphalt — absorption into the insulation during the roof-membrane application.

Needless to go on, there are many types of insulation and at Brooklyn Roofing services, we have access to all. Whatever your particular roofing needs are, we will cover them for you. This is a very important part of the entire process. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us and ask for we are here for you!

We look forward to serving you as our new customer for years to come. CALL US TODAY!



No matter your property type, you can rely on the experienced roofers Brooklyn Roofing Services to provide you with affordable roofing services. With over decades of experience, we know exactly what to do for any roofing problem you may encounter.

We are your local leaky roof repair experts and we are affordable. Any type of a leaky roof needs to be repaired immediately. Any type of a roof that has a leak will definitely lead to serious problems including damage to your valuable possessions, machinery, wood rot, and mold. If you suspect a roof leak, call on us today to have your roof inspected.

All of our work is guaranteed, so by hiring our family-owned and operated company, you are going to get exceptional roofing repair services that are backed by a work guarantee for everything we do.

Along with guaranteeing all of our roofing projects, Brooklyn Roofing also offers 24-hour emergency service. So, whatever your roofing issue is, we have it covered.

Brooklyn Roofing has affordable and reliable roof repair services such as below:

  • Roofing repairs
  • Re-roofing
  • Leak repairs
  • Storm damage repair
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • We serve Brooklyn and all surrounding areas

Why Should You Choose Brooklyn Roofing Services?

Well, let’s start with we are Fully Insured & Bonded which makes a huge difference. We are fully Licensed & Certified also. We only use premium materials. Also, financing offered for all to be able to have roofing services.

We will come give you a Free Estimate on all your roofing needs. We have 24-Hour, 7 Days a Week Emergency Service. For your information our License Number is available to all. We are also a BBB Member….

Don't let that leak become the need of a new roof! We are here for your emergency roof repair needs. Brooklyn Roofing Services will be at your home and evaluate the damage, and let you know what how much it will cost and how much time it might take. We're affordable, trustworthy and we always exceed our customers’ expectations! We always get the job finished and in a timely manner!